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Est. 2013

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The Milan Club Adro, named after Franco Baresi, was born on 12 October 2013.

On that date, the Captain, Franco Baresi, attended the inauguration of the Club, at the headquarters in Via Lazzaretto in Adro, also home to the Banda Adrense and the Music Bar.

The Club immediately saw the overwhelming passion of the people of Adro, who in many attended the inauguration (about 300 people) and who have continued over the years to make their affection felt. I

n a few years, the Club has gone from a few dozen members to more than 150. The Club follows all the matches of Milan at San Siro and also some away matches, when possible. We help all our members to find tickets and season tickets for the Stadium. Furthermore, for some months now, the Club has equipped itself with a maxi screen of more than 5 meters to watch the matches of our beloved Milan together.

Every year in December, per our tradition, dinner is held with all our members and their families in our headquarters. The dinner, based on a Brescia-style spit, sees the participation of at least 200 people and, sometimes, even some famous people, such as Franco Baresi, who honored us with his presence in 2018, and Germano Lanzoni, historic speaker of San Siro.

The club is always very active with initiatives for all our members.

Milan Club Adro Passione Rossonera in Franciacorta

Meet Up:

Bar della Musica
Via Lazzaretto 25
25030 Adro BS, Italy

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