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Milan Club Ponte del Diavolo

Est. 2017

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Official Milan Club n. 640 in the world. Born in 2017 in the most beautiful village in Italy, we transmit love and passion for the Rossoneri colors.

The Milan Club "Ponte del Diavolo" was born almost for fun, created in a few hours by 31 founding members, becoming the 640th Rossoneri club in the world. We are based in the splendid setting of Bobbio, Val Trebbia, in the province of Piacenza.

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, of medieval origin and characterized by a long and legendary history, it houses the "Ponte Gobbo", also with a thousand-year history. From the name it would appear more in "Juventus" style, if the legend did not narrate that it is the "Devil's Bridge" !!! Hence the name of our club, from an idea of my brother Andrea. The desire to create this organization, thanks to the support of all the other 30 members, is materializing and was born because all of us, from the oldest to the youngest, have been used to seeing a winning Milan. We want to give concrete support to clubs and players so that they can go back to where Milan deserves.

Meet Up:

Bar Tavenetta
Piazza Santa Fara, 1
29022 Bobbio PC

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