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Est. 2010

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The community began in 2010, by chance in life, at a bar called EGREM!

We made a connection with all the Milan fans who were there, as if we had known each other for a lifetime, a brotherhood so beautiful that my eyes water when I say it.

Over the years, as we started to follow the matches more and more, new Milanisti began to arrive, who just like us, had followed Milan for years. We took that love and passion and wanted to start an official Milan Club, but we did not know-how and had the money to pay the Milan club dues.

It was 2018 when we decided to name the Club AC HABANA MILANO and in 2019 Marzio Fruner, belonging to the Milan Club Fiave Alto Garda, appeared in our lives as a great blessing, he made our dream come true by helping us to become official and a recognized Milan Club on August 26, 2019.

From this date on, thanks to the internet we grew much more, every Milanista who joined our Club felt the same feeling we felt in 2010!

We feel proud and are true fans!

We started our club when Milan was struggling, but we grew more and more and have a real Club, we have a card that identifies us, we have our logo, we have a place where we can watch the games and talk about Milan.


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