Clubs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to belong and start selling?

It is FREE! That is what everyone wants, NO costs for the Clubs—only profits!

What is the reason behind Milan Club World?

It is simple, we feel proud and empowered when we wear "Rossonero"


Who is behind Milan Club World?

We ALL are! it is not about a T-shirt, it is about a community of fans.

It is about that feeling that we have when we represent our team, that feeling we have when we see someone across the street wearing Milan colors, that feeling that there is someone on the other side of the world screaming at the TV, just like us. We are Rossoneri Worldwide.


Our Milan Club wants to join, what do we do next?

Nothing. Just say Yes! Contact us and we will work together to design your products and get you on the website selling as soon as possible.


How long before our Club can start selling?

ASAP. Clubs are added to the site on a first come, first serve basis, our goal is to have you part of Milan Club World as soon as possible.


What is each Club's responsibility?

Do what you do. Be a Milanista!

All we ask is for your push your products to your members, to your followers, on social media. Advertise your products at club “meets” and hopefully your Members, Friends and Family will want to buy one. 


How big does our Club have to be to join Milan Club World?

Size is not important, only the passion! Whatever your Club has 10 or 100 members, all we ask for you to be an active group of passionate fans.


Our Milan Club already sells T-shirt, why

The power of many. Our goal is to create a hub for Milan Clubs products. Bigger Audience, Bigger Reach, Bigger Sales and Bigger Profits to spend on for beers and fun—Forza Milan!


There are plenty of Milan T-shirts out there, why Milan Club World?

There is plenty of everything online, but are they designed by Milan Fans? Ours are.

Aren't you tired of seeing see Milan Products next to the products of other teams you hate? we are — Only Milanisti at Milan Club World!


Where are the products from?

Each product is printed on demand (POD). When a product is ordered — a product is printed. This allow to offer multiple designs, sizes, etc, without buying them in advance.


What is each club profit on product sales?

We are using a 33%+33%+33% formula. Here the breakdown:
- 33% to maintain the website and cover any fees (Hosting, Credit Card and PayPal FEES, etc.)
- 33% to MCW for the design of the T-shirts.
- 33% to your club — Receive your earnings through PayPal.


Who designs the products?

We do. You will approve the design for your Club—we want you to like it! They represent you and your club.

If you have an idea or a design in mind for your club, we encourage you to share it to us! It may end up on your t-shirts.


Can I use my Milan Club logo and the AC Milan logo on the product?

Not Really. The official AC Milan Logo is often used on the Club logos and subject to copyright, so we rather not use any club logos on the products to avoid copyright infringement and confusion.


Can Products design change?

Yes. If we see that a product does not sell, or want a new design, with your club in mind, MCW will consider a new design.


Can a Club stop selling?

Yes. If at any point you want to stop selling and remove your club from, it is not a problem.


Can Milan Club World remove a Club from the website?

Yes. If any at point we see that a Club does not care, there is no promoting of the Club products or, no social media activities, and communications with us, your club may be removed and/or your profit sharing will stop coming.


Would you offer Limited Editions and Special products?

Yes! We want to produce a special edition design to commemorate special events: wins, players, etc.


Can I buy another Club's product?

Yes! Not only you can, you should. it is important to show our support to all clubs, smaller clubs, clubs far from you — this the main idea behind Milan Club World.


Would you offer Discounts?*

Yes! Just like any other website will offer a special discount to celebrate things like wins, players sign ups, anniversary, etc.

For example: a 3-0 win will generate a 30% Off on all products for 24h

*Discounts will be proportional.


What about scarves?

We know club scarves are very important. We are looking for a way to sell your club scarf on the website soon.


Have more questions?

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