Milan Club Scotland

Est. 2021

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William Wallace once said “ They might take our lives but they will never take our freedom”. That is the way Milan Club Scotland feel. The freedom to support AC Milan everywhere we go, and the most beautiful thing is to support the team you love, with the people you love and share the same passion with.

Milan Club Scotland is a little project started by Jonathan and Giuseppe. We had a bit of a controversial beginning, while every other club met in a pub before becoming an official club, we had to work on this project from our little rooms. We missed hugging each other after a goal or a victory, share the love for our team.

But now we are back, stronger than ever and we want to create our community here in Scotland.

We don’t care if we are 10 or 100 or 1000, what we care about is the true love for the red and black colours and the passion we share every single minute when the match is on and when we spend time together.

Meet Up:

The Globe Bar
Niddry St, Edinburgh

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