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Est. 1985

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The Milan Club Cologne was founded in 1985 at the Caffè Nazionale in Piazza Garibaldi in Cologne thanks to a group of passionate supporters led by the first President, Mr. Lorenzo Uberti.

From the 1985-1986 football season together with friends of the Milan Club N.L. from Chiari a group of about fifty people is always present at the home games of our beloved Milan.

From the 1988-1989 season the presidency of the club passes to Mr. Eugenio Millini and sees the enthusiastic participation of more than a hundred members which also coincides with the golden era of Mr. Sacchi of Captain Baresi of the Dutch and all great Rossoneri players.

From the 1995-1996 season the presidency of the club passed to Mr. Vanni Parmigiani and for the first time at San Siro the banner identifying the Milan Club Cologne always present at all home matches appears.

Representatives of the Milan Club Cologne were present in all the European and International finals. (To remember the fantastic experience of three club representatives present at the World Club Championship held in Japan in Yokohama in December 2007)

In recent years, the Milan Club Cologne has collaborated with friends of the Milan Club Palazzolo sharing the bus for all home games at San Siro.

Also noteworthy are the club's social activities such as the collaboration with AIDO of Brescia, the various collaborations with the Colognesi sports clubs and the organization of the Scala forty tournament now in its seventh edition.

Our Milan Club is part of the great family (Cologne Section) of our friend Colombo Labate, the online encyclopedia of Milan, the official website of Casciavit pride! 

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