Milan Club Corigliano - Rino Gattuso

Est. 2013

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The Milan Club Corigliano "Rino Gattuso" was officially born in the summer of 2013 from the ashes of the previous historic clubs in the city (Milan Club F. Baresi and Milan Club Marco Van Basten).

For the founding members, it is natural to name the Club of our most illustrious fellow citizen: Rino Gattuso. An example of humility, seriousness, professionalism, and determination, Rino Gattuso best embodies the values that distinguish the Calabrese.

Known and loved all over the world, after retiring from football and starting his career as a coach, our Ringhio returns to the city twice and on both occasions, we meet him: - the first time at the end of May 2018 we are guests at his house! - the following year (August 20, 2019) Rino gives us a visit to our Club! It is for all of us the realization of a dream! Since then, the Club has grown to exceed the average of 150 members from all over the region and even from abroad, thus becoming a point of reference for all Calabrian and southern clubs. The trips to San Siro and the other stadiums where our beloved Milan moves are unmissable.

Finally, there are periodic matches between the members, but the flagship of the Club remains the demonstrations of solidarity. Unforgettable is the Fair Play Trophy of 11-08-2019 which saw our Club triumph (and it could not be otherwise) over the local Inter Club and Juventus Club.


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