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Milan Club Gesturi - Paolo Maldini

Est. 1988 - 2000 (Re-establish 2016)

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The MILAN CLUB GESTURI "PAOLO MALDINI" was born in Gesturi back in 1988 from the passion of a group of Milan fans of Gesturi, who thought well of dedicating the club to a boy, just twenty years old, who already promised to be able to follow in his father's footsteps, and history will tell us that it will even surpass it.

The club remained active until the early 2000s, then, after a long hiatus, it was officially reborn on 04/09/2016, thanks to the passion that those fathers passed on to their children, current members of the board. These are difficult years, perhaps the worst time to start our adventure, President Berlusconi has now decided to sell the company, and the rumors leaking from the press do not bode well for the future of our beloved ACMilan. Yet we believe in it, and we are convinced that it is precisely in the most difficult historical moment that the team and the club need to feel the closeness of the most loyal fans. So we begin to gather in the headquarters of our club to follow the path of Milan together, the results do not arrive, every game suffers from the first to the last minute, the disappointments grow week after week until on August 6, 2018 we read a news that it strengthens our hope and makes us see the light at the end of the tunnel, after 9 years, Paolo Maldini returns to Milan as a manager.

Our joy is irrepressible, Paolo is undoubtedly the person who more than anyone embodies the values ​​of Milan, it is no coincidence that our Milan Club is named after him. In recent years, the commitment of the members of the board has meant that the number of members has grown steadily to the point that we have to move to a more spacious, modern and suited to our needs.

Unfortunately due to the covid in the last two seasons we have not been able to organize convivial activities such as lunches or dinners to offer the possibility of getting in touch with our club to members who for various personal reasons cannot habitually participate in watching AC Milan matches, we promise that as soon as the restrictions are over we will be happy to make up for all the lost time, and every year we will always try to do better than the previous one, because as Paolo Maldini says “Every goal is a new starting point”.


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Via Nazionale,
55 09020 Gesturi, Sardinia, Italy

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