Milan Club Desenzano

Est. 1973

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The Milan Club Desenzano, a city in the province of Brescia, was born in 1973 from an idea of ​​a group of "then young" Milan fans who needed to found a club to bring all the Milan fans of the city and of the area in san siro.

Since then and up to the present day, for every Sunday, our members have seen Rivera, Baresi, the Dutch, Sheva and other champions play the field of San Siro. We have lived through the golden times and the less good ones but always with our timeless passion.

There was a generational change in 2019, where a young executive full of enthusiasm and desire for Milan is in charge, following him at home and away. The club has always had an excellent number of members with an average of 500 annual members. O

ur passion makes us proud to be part of this club, remembering our ancestors and forging new recruits ready to give continuity to our club.


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