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Est. 2021

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Singapore, "The Little Red Dot", is a small island and city-state republic with around 6 million people. Although small here, it brings together friends from all over the world. This is why, after many attempts to create the first AC Milan Club Singapore by both of them in the past years, Wei Wei and Fabrizio happened to meet.

Wei Wei is a true Milanista since 1998 World Cup, and came to Singapore from China in 2006. Now he is a Singapore citizen and works in Chinatown. Fabrizio is Italian, true Milanista since childhood, goalkeeper and lover of Albertosi who broke his nose many times same as him. He suffered the Serie B times, buy enjoyed also being part of all the won finals of Rossoneri in Champions League. He married his gracious local wife and settled in Singapore in 2011. Fabrizio met Wei Wei at his Sweetea Bar by coincidence, when Wei Wei wore the black-and-red jersey, and they discovered their reciprocal love for Milan.

Fabrizio and Wei Wei had tried many times to create a Milan Club, unsuccessfully because most of local and foreign supporters were more interested in chit-chatting about football, or "what do we earn in creating a club". But our members have a common love for Milan, we all want to be Milan, and contribute as much as we can to promote AC Milan. Our principle is "what can we do for Milan", not what we earn from it. So we gathered many same-mindset fans, completed all the steps for the affiliation of Milan Club Singapore with AIMC, despite the difficult Covid period and restrictions, and are now ready and open to gather in the future more Milan fans in Singapore, and receive and be friends with Milan fans from all over the world. And make this "the little red-and-black dot"!

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