Shipping And Returns

Where is my T-Shirt?

You should receive your product within 1 to 2 weeks!

Here's how we handle your orders.

Print it!

As soon as you make an order, we create the product based on Club and design selected; It takes the company that produces the product 2–7 business days to do that.

Ship it! 

The partner we selected to produce our product has locations worldwide, we are MilanClubWorld after all; This allow us to keep shipping rates low and speedy delivery. The average shipping time is 4 business days depending on the destination.


Remember, we are Milanisti first!

You should be the same way.

Your order is late, be patient. We waited 10 years for Milan to be on top again, you can wait a couple of extra days.

Your order arrived damaged? Contact us and don't act like an Interista and complain.

Your order never arrived? Lost? It probably found a Juventino on its path!

▪ Only get mad for Milan losses, for any other questions just contact us now.

(Messages can be in English or Italian)

Please include the following in your email:
- Your Name
- Order Number
- Photo of product, if arrived damaged
- And of course finish your email with a FORZA MILAN!